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Osteopathy, Naturopathy & Massage Therapy
in Perth

West Perth Osteopathy has been operating within the local area for over 20 years now, since being established in the 1990s. Although our practice has greatly expanded since then, both in terms of office space and practitioners, we are proud to still offer the same comprehensive and high-quality approach to manual medicine.

Exterior of West Perth Osteopathy

Welcome to West Perth Osteopathy

If you’ve been searching for osteopathic care in the Perth CBD, look no further. As the only osteopathic practice within the city, we have become the premier, go-to place in the area for those seeking high-quality, holistic care to address their health concerns.

As we are located in a homely setting, you can feel completely comfortable and at home while you’re receiving exceptional care.

We also provide our patients with easy access to the practice. Located in the heart of the Perth CBD, West Perth Osteopathy is located near public transport, including the Yellow CAT bus stop, and the freeway, providing easy access from any direction. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Holistic Osteopathy Treatments

Osteopathy is a unique system of holistic manual medicine that recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way in which it operates. As manual medicine providers, our Osteopaths use their hands to carry out diagnoses and treatment.

From infants to the elderly, we believe patients of all ages can benefit from the services Osteopathy provides. Just some of the common ailments and concerns we treat include:

Our practitioners are highly skilled at identifying and releasing structural imbalances in order to help the body return to and maintain a state of good health. Along with employing Osteopathic techniques, our Osteopaths also provide patients with advice and insight on nutrition, general health, posture, exercise, and more.