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Dr Bronwyn (Bron) Coull, Osteopath

Dr Bronwyn Coull, OsteopathBron was drawn to the Osteopath field after competing as an elite level athlete as a child. She suffered several injuries as a result, and a teacher recommended she visit an Osteopath. She enjoyed the results she saw, and through the years, her Osteopath became a mentor. When it came time to apply to University, she was set on joining the Osteopathic field, graduating from RMIT in Melbourne in 2012.

Bron says the most fulfilling part of being an Osteopath at West Perth Osteopathy is being able to be one with someone who is suffering and having the opportunity to listen, developing a custom care plan for their unique needs. Bron regularly participates in continuing education courses in order to provide the best service to her patients.

Bron has a passion for working with children because they remind her of the beauty and wonder of curiosity – something vital to her own work. She also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher!

Outside of the Practice

When she isn’t working in the practice, she enjoys running, swimming, meditating, playing guitar and singing. Having just relocated from Melbourne, Bron is looking for a choir to join.

Get to know more about Bron when you visit our practice next!


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