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Heel & Arch Pain

Dr DeMaio assessing a patient's footFoot pain can be debilitating. Pain in the heel area is especially common, and could be associated with a calcaneal – or heel –spur.

Our feet are made up of a series of small bones known as tarsal bones. These tarsal bones start from the calcaneal (heel) and form an arch, supported by a strong band of sinew (plantar fascia) stretching across the sole of the foot underneath the skin’s surface.

Persistent traction or tugging on the attachment point into the bone caused by the fascia is a result of repeated activity on our feet, and is known as plantar fasciitis. The most common cause of this painful condition is inadequate arch support from poor footwear, and it can often result in marked joint restriction, muscular tension, and pain in foot and lower leg.

Your Osteopath will work to increase the range of motion of the joints, as well as the flexibility in the feet and lower legs. Your Osteopath can also advise you on appropriate footwear and exercises.


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