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Pregnancy Conditions

Pregnant woman being treatedOsteopaths may help to prevent and manage a variety of pre- and post-natal conditions. Osteopathy offers a gentle method of manual treatment for mothers and babies.

Before birth, your Osteopath can work to assure safety and comfort for both you and your growing baby. As your body undergoes a variety of changes, including the expansion of the abdominal region, hormonal releases can also affect the body’s internal systems and the way they function.

The careful work of Osteopaths in treating pregnant women ensures that their bodies’ abilities to cope with these changes, and support the growth of their babies, while minimising any discomfort or pain.

After birth, you and your newborn baby can see your osteopath for management or prevention of common problems such as pelvic or lower back sprain, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, fatigue and interrupted sleep.

Using gentle techniques, Osteopaths can also treat babies to support healthy growth and development – from within the womb to after birth.


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